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132nd Annual Meeting + Harris-Evans Conference

Episcopal Church Women - Diocese of North Carolina

November 7 & 8, 2014

Hosted by the women of the Greensboro Convocation

“Stopping Traffic: One Human At A Time”
How can we, working together as a Church, respond to the
growing problem of human trafficking across North Carolina?


Schedule of Events & Location:

All events except the service of Holy Eucharist will be held in the Community Life Center of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. The Community Life Center is located across the street from the church, at 205 W. Farriss Avenue, High Point.

Friday, November 7
10:00-11:30 am: Opening worship, including Holy Communion, with Bishop Michael Curry, Bishop Anne Hodges-Copple, and the Rev. David Umphlett [takes place at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, 108 W. Farriss Avenue]
11:30 am-12:50 pm: Registration check-in, exhibits & bookstore open, pre-ordered boxed lunches available
1:00-2:00 pm: Call to order and business session
2:00-2:15 pm: Break
2:15-3:15 pm: Keynote address by Christine McDonald, Director of Outreach and Advocacy for Magdalene St. Louis, a community in the Diocese of Missouri for women who’ve survived trafficking, prostitution, addiction and homelessness.
3:30-4:30 pm: Fellowship and exhibit browsing
4:45-6:00 pm: Convocation meetings
6:00-6:30 pm: Reception
6:30-8:00 pm: Dinner and entertainment (RSVP required)

Saturday, November 8
8:00-8:45 am: Pre-ordered continental breakfast at St. Mary’s. Exhibits open.
8:30 am: Morning devotions in the Community Life Center chapel
9:00-10:00 am: Share Fair
10:00-10:15 am: Break
10:15-11:00 am: Workshop session I: Creating a Welcoming & Safe Community; How You Can Stand for Freedom; Internet Safety; Preventing Child Trafficking (pick one)
11:00-11:15 am: Break
11:15 am-12:00 pm: Workshop session II: Repeat of workshops (pick one)
12:00-12:15 pm: Break
12:15-12:45 pm: Closing ceremony: What we’ve learned
12:45 pm: Blessing and adjournment. Pre-ordered boxed lunches available
1:30-3:00 pm: Diocesan ECW Board meeting