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Duduza Doll Pattern

People wishing to make dolls for children in our companion diocese, Botswana, will need to coordinate with the Diocesan ECW. Please contact Lisa Towle.

Materials:  Worsted weight wool or cotton in small amounts. Please use brown for the feet and face. Fiberfill for the stuffing.

Needles:  US #4 and 3

Instructions:  With #4 needles and brown, cast on 32 sts. Work 4 rows in stockinette stitch, leaving a 12” “tail” to gather for feet when completing doll.

Change colors for trousers. Work 16 rows in stockinette stitch. Change colors for belt. Knit two rows (garter stitch).

Change colors for sweater. Work 13 rows in stockinette stitch. Next row, P3, P2tog, (P6, P2tog) 3 times, P3.  Cut yarn, leaving a 12” “tail” to gather for neck. Change to brown for face. Changing to size 3 needles, work 10 rows in stockinette stitch.

Change to black for hair or colored yarn for cap. Knit two rows (garter stitch) for border. If knitting hair, continue in reverse stockinette stitch, first purling one row and then decreasing as follows:

Row 1: (Knit 4, k 2 tog) x 4, knit 4 (24 sts).
Row 2 and all even rows: Purl
Row 3: (Knit 3, K 2 tog) x 4, knit 4 (20 sts).
Row 5: (Knit 2, k 2 tog) x 4, knit 4 (16 sts).
Row 7: (Knit 1, k 2 tog) x 4, knit 4 (12 sts).
Row 8: (Purl 2 tog) across row.

If knitting a cap, work 2 rows of stockinette stitch and then decrease as set forth above.

Finishing:  Thread remaining sts onto needle and sew up cap. Sew up face. Run the gathering thread through the last row of sweater stitches and, after stuffing head, pull up tightly for neck, finishing off securely.

Sew up centre back. Run the gathering thread through last row of feet. Stuff body and pull up gathering thread tightly, finishing off well.

Complete feet by sewing up center seam and then stitching front to back through both thickness of knitting, i.e., dividing feet, which are stuffed individually. Fold foot across cast on edge at right angles to body and sew up. Finish off other foot in same way.

Define legs by sewing through all thicknesses from feet towards belt, finishing off 2 rows from belt. Define arms in same way starting 2 rows from neck. Embroider face as desired to give your doll character.


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