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About Our Logos

(click image to enlarge)The cross represents Christ and our service to Him in the world. The circle stands for our hope for wholeness in our lives. The out flowing lines from the center depict the many works of the Episcopal Church Women, going out into the world. The intertwined lines represent our lives centered in Christ.

(click image to enlarge)Triennium Logo 2009-2012

(click image to enlarge)Triennium Logo 2006-2009

(click image to enlarge)Nancy Denmark, a native Texan and Christian jewelry artist, was one of several artists invited to submit a design to be considered for use as the official logo for the ECW Triennial Meeting 2003 in Minneapolis. Ultimately her design became the logo for the triennium. Ms. Denmark describes it this way: "She's a woman in action, moving out into the world with a mission. The light of Christ illuminates her path. Her arms lift joyfully, inviting others in a call to action. The olive branch draped across her chest urges us to carry on Christ's reconciliation in the world. ECW glows in the Christ light."