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Who We Are

The Episcopal Church Women in the Diocese of North Carolina are dedicated to sharing the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ by engaging in worship, prayer, study, service and fellowship.

Any woman who is a member of the Episcopal Church automatically belongs to ECW. That's it. There are no special criteria or tests or initiations required. The extent to which a woman is involved in organized ECW activity is up to her.

As a longtime women's ministry within the Episcopal Church, USA, ECW is structured much as the church is structured. That is, there's a national office, a provincial office (Province IV in the case of North Carolina), and a diocesan office followed by parish "branches." Sometimes, an ECW branch is so large and busy it divides into smaller units known as "chapters". Each of these entities builds on the other. All are deeply rooted in "domestic and foreign missionary work," and, importantly, all are led by the laity.

At all levels, the ECW maintains tight affiliations with the Altar Guild, Church Periodical Club and United Thank Offering, related national church organizations also led by women. In fact, these three entities are actively represented on the Executive Board of North Carolina's Diocesan ECW.

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Episcopal Church Women's Prayer

Almighty God, we pray that You will bless our work in mission and ministry to the world. We give thanks for the gifts of joy and wonder to be found in Your works. Make us so thankful for the power of Your love, given through Your Son, Jesus, that we may pray, labor and give liberally to make known that love throughout the world. Bless us that our lives may shine forth the joy and wonder we share in Your Name. Amen.

Oraciones de las Mujeres de la Iglesia Episcopal

Omnipotente Dios, te suplicamos que bendigas nuestros esfuerzos en misión y ministerio en el mundo. Te damos las gracias por los dones de alegría y maravilla a ser descubiertos en tus obras. Que nos hagas tan agradecidas por el poder de tu amor, dado a nosotras en tu hijo Jesús, que podremos orar, trabajar y donar generosamente para que se conozca tal amor en todo el mundo. Que nos bendigas para que la vida nuestra pueda iluminar la alegría y las maravillas en que participamos en nombre tuyo. Amen.

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What We Do

We support, as an organization within the Episcopal Church or as individual church women, many groups that uphold the different gifts, values and ministries of women, and advance the role of women in the mission of the Church.

National women's ministry organizations represented through ECW are the:

The works of ECW are many. Here's a sampling:

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Rocky Mount. Raleigh. Durham. Sandhills. Greensboro. Winston-Salem. Charlotte. All 7 convocations within the Diocese have a representative on the Executive Board. These women are the voices for the parishes in their regions, and stand ready to support the convocation's branches and promote their unity. They also facilitate the annual youth scholarships and Inside the Diocese Grant requests as well as awarding grant money allotted to each convocation by the Diocesan ECW.

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